Machine Learning Powered

Marketing Strategy Analytics

Valuate campaign performance. Project expected results. Recommend marketing strategies. Our AI powered strategy analytics platform advises the best marketing strategies customised for your business.

Data-backed Insights

Simply connect your data to our analytics platform, get performance evaluation and actionable insights for your marketing strategies in just a few clicks.

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More than Performance Reporting

Marketing performance of your owned media should be valuated in sets of campaigns. We analyse your data and advise you how to optimize your marketing strategies.

Campaign Valuation

Is your campaign worth it?
We convert your campaign performance into Media Value, and provide you the answer to the most asked marketing question.

Result Projection

Is your campaign performing its best?
We calculate the expected returns your campaign should earn, and prove the marketing efforts for ROI measurement.

Performance Analysis

How did your strategy perform among others?
We rank your campaigns and compare with our marketing strategy benchmarks to determine your marketing effectiveness.

Strategy Recommendation

How do you optimize marketing strategy?
We generate real insights with key success factors of your campaign, and recommend actionable strategies for you to apply.

Value For Your Business

Knowing your true concern and helping you getting the most from your marketing efforts.

Prove Your Marketing Efforts Are Valuable

Having the returns of abstract metrics monetarised, by adopting it into your campaign ROI measurement, you will know how much returns your marketing efforts have generated.

Evaluate Performance Through Benchmarking

Having the expected results benchmarked, by comparing with the optimal performance, you know how well your campaign is actually doing.

Achieve Continuous Improvement With Strategy Recommendation

Having the best practice recommended specifically for your business, by implementing the actionable insights from us, you know how to optimize your marketing efforts.

ADintel is a MarTech Startup, serving across Asia and EU markets

With 10+ years of experience in advertising & marketing and solid expertise in data intelligence, we are revolutionising how we formulate marketing strategies with AI technology.

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ADintel is the Member Company of Estonia's Tehnopol Startup Incubator