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How ADintel Works?

We use data and machine learning algorithms to analyse your campaigns. Providing insightful advice to optimize your marketing strategy.

AI Powered Strategy Analytics

1. Detection

Identify your campaign and gauge its performance

2. Valuation

Convert performance metrics and quantify its media value

3. Projection

Calculate expected returns and compare with benchmark

4. Recommendation

Generate real insights and advise better implementation

1. Campaign Detection

Simple step to sync data of your owned media profile with our secured strategy analytics platform. Our system would identify marketing campaigns from the data, so that you can easily confirm them and select campaign objectives and targeting details. We will take it from here to evaluate your campaign strategies and generate you customized insights.


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Fresh perspective in analysing your campaign strategies

2. Performance Valuation

Consolidate various performance metrics and convert them into standardized Media Value for a consistent measurement. Ranking campaigns by Media Value can help you understand which strategy brings you the most value. Turning the metrics into monetary value could allow you to comprehensively analyse your campaign ROI.


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Standardized measurement in marketing performance


Incorporating Media Value into campaign ROI analysis

3. Result Projection

Knowing the Media Value of your campaigns is already great. Our machine learning models can also project you how much Media Value it should have generated in a fair way with various factors considered. We then benchmark your campaigns with others sharing the same objective and targeting, so that you can see the unbiased comparison of your campaign strategy.


Scientific approach to project campaign's expected returns


Knowing how effective your strategy is by benchmarking


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4. Strategy Recommendation

What you need is not just campaign performance evaluation, but also some actionable insights with effective strategies that you can apply directly. Through in-depth analysis of your campaign, our AI analytics platform finds the causal relations between your strategies and returns, thus to identify success factors and generate the best practice advice customized for your strategy optimization.


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Customized recommendations on strategy optimization


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ADintel is the Member Company of Estonia's Tehnopol Startup Incubator